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Build platforms with Rails and GoodJob.

What is GoodJob?

GoodJob is a multithreaded, Postgres-based, Active Job backend for Ruby on Rails. Ben Sheldon is the author behind GoodJob. Like Sidekiq, GoodJob is an ActiveJob backend for Rails, but GoodJob uses Postgres features.

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GoodJob's Features


  • aims for maximum compatibility with Ruby on Rails, Active Job, and Postgres
  • is designed to be straightforward and performant for most workloads
  • provides support for Active Job async, queues, delays, priorities, timeouts, and retries
  • follows Rails thread and code execution guidelines
  • is a great option for full-stack teams, solo devs and apps with a large job queue

Using GoodJob with OpsMaru

When you configure the platform builder in OpsMaru and make selections for the type of application you want to deploy, you will see the option to use GoodJob. You can use GoodJob with Rails, PostgreSQL and Active Job.

GoodJob will be an available option listed under "Choose Add-ons" after you choose Rails as your framework.

Building an app platform for Rails apps with GoodJob



Build platforms with Rails and GoodJob.

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