OpsMaru & Rails

Deploying Rails Apps

Deploy Rails apps easily on platforms you custom build with no code.

Step by Step

In-Depth Walkthrough: 
Rails Deployment

Rails 7.1 project introduction

  • Introduction
  • User sign up and sign in
  • Creating a new post
  • Setting up the AWS infrastructure

Step 1.1:
Setting up cloud infrastructure

  • Introduction
  • Adding S3 bucket support
  • Naming and confirmation
  • Choosing node setup
  • Database deletion protection
  • Previewing the code
  • Creating a repo

Step 1.2: 
Connecting your repo to your infrastructure

  • Introduction
  • Managing secrets
  • Creating a Workspace
  • Connecting to Terraform Cloud

Step 2: 
Running infra configuration & configuring your app

  • Start a new plan
  • Cost estimation
  • Resource review
  • Tracking progress
  • Configuring the application
  • Creating a pull request
  • Wrapping up!

Step 3: 
Deploying your Rails app on your platform

  • Introduction
  • Deploying an installation
  • Configuring the installation
  • Updating the core configuration
  • Observing instance provisioning
  • Testing the application deployment

Deploying a background job in another installation

  • Introduction
  • Choosing the parent installation
  • Service mode addition
  • Worker status in the cluster
  • Dev space containers
  • Upcoming video on Uplink

Bonus: SSHing into our infrastructure

  • Introduction
  • SSH key configuration
  • Accessing the bastion
  • Accessing the application node
  • Accessing the worker node
How it works


OpsMaru breaks down the DevOps infrastructure process into three major steps.

Upload Your Data - AI X+ Webflow Template

1. Build your infra platform

In this step, you'll choose a cloud provider where you have an account and the different components you want to use like compute, database and caching. You'll also run some code OpsMaru generates for you in order to connect it all up.

Train the Model - AI X+ Webflow Template

2. Prep your application

Next, you'll connect your app and choose a build pack that matches your framework. The app will be configured now. You can connect as many apps to this platform – and your other OpsMaru platforms – as you like.

Get Results - AI X+ Webflow Template

3. Deploy your app

In the final step, you'll choose which of your connected app repos you'd like to deploy on the platform you built in step 1. As you click through, OpsMaru takes care of containerization before deploying the app.


Build platforms with your favorite services

Our goal is to support over 2,400 combinations of services and providers in 2024. We're adding more all the time.

A modern way to handle infrastructure

We're building OpsMaru to make handling infrastructure fast, painless, and flexible so you can use whatever frameworks, services and providers you want.

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