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AWS is the world's dominant cloud infrastructure provider.

What is AWS?

AWS is a cloud infrastructure provider created in 2002. The first cloud products were offered in 2006. AWS has the largest market share of the cloud infrastructure market. It's known for being both the default option and having vast, confusing offerings.

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AWS's Features


  • Whatever you want, AWS will have it; there are over 200+ services
  • AWS has an extensive global network
  • AWS is a very stable provider and will be around for the foreseeable future
  • 80+ availability zones and 25+ regions
  • AWS has a large community of users


  • An extremely complicated product range
  • Even more complicated pricing and billing
  • Low billing predictability and no monthly caps

Using AWS with OpsMaru

Creating an application deployment platform with AWS is simple with OpsMaru. When you begin building a new platform using the infrastructure builder, you will have a choice of infrastructure providers. Simply select AWS and then proceed through the builder. The entire process is no code.

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AWS is the world's dominant cloud infrastructure provider.

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