OpsMaru Technical Preview

How it works: No code platform creation

It's simple and flexible enough to work with any infrastructure and services combination you want

What you need to start


OpsMaru is straightforward to use. Our goal is to make it easy to connect everything you want for your DevOps setup so you can build platforms quickly and painlessly.

GitHub Repository

In the later steps of setting up your app, you'll connect OpsMaru to your GitHub repository where your code lives.

This is simple and straightforward, and you always own and control your own code. We do not read or access your code directly.

Support for GitLab is coming in the future.

Terraform account

Opsmaru generates the code and variables for you to use in your Terraform account. You do not need to do any coding, but you will need an account with a Terraform runner like Terraform Cloud, Env0, Scalr, Digger, etc.

By running the code yourself, you remain in control of your infra and provisioning. We don't have access to it.

We're working on a way to incorporate this step into OpsMaru itself in 2024 for users who would prefer not to run the TF code themselves.

Cloud provider account

In order to use OpsMaru, you'll need to have an account with a cloud provider to connect with.

We believe you should have free choice of cloud providers and this is why we don't resell cloud infrastructure to users.

You can pick any supported cloud provider and just bring your account credentials to OpsMaru.

How it works

Three click-through stages

OpsMaru is no-code, so you click through the steps to connect components and get your platform – and apps – up and running.

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1. Build your infra platform

In this step, you'll choose a cloud provider where you have an account and the different components you want to use like compute, database and caching. You'll also run some Terraform code OpsMaru generates for you in order to connect it all up.

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2. Prep your application

Next, you'll connect your app and choose a build pack that matches your framework. The app will be configured now. You can connect as many apps to this platform – and your other OpsMaru platforms – as you like.

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3. Deploy your app

In the final step, you'll choose which of your connected app repos you'd like to deploy on the platform you built in step 1. As you click through, OpsMaru takes care of containerization before deploying the app.

Step By Step

5-minute Demo

Build platforms by clicking to connect your code and services. You retain total control. OpsMaru does not access your code or your cloud accounts.

More features

Modify and update the platforms you build easily

If you want to add new components, update components, swap out databases, or delete various components, it's easy to do. You can modify, add and delete all the pieces of any platforms you build.

Add components

If you want to add a component to your infrastructure setup after initial construction, it's easy. You'll be able to add available components in the same space you can see the whole infrastructure setup.

Update components

Updating components in your infrastructure is simple and requires no code. In order to update a component, select the option to upgrade it from the hamburger menu. OpsMaru takes care of the rest.

Delete components

Delete platform components easily through the hamburger menu next to each component. Safeguards are in place too—you have to confirm the deletion by typing in the component name before you can press the big red button.

Painless platform creation

We think you shouldn't have to choose between the services you want and a painless experience. Don't you?


Use your favourite tools and providers

Our goal is to support over 2,400 combinations of services and providers in 2024. We're adding support for new services all the time.

Our public roadmap
Freedom of choice

Bring your own cloud account

We don't resell cloud infrastructure. Instead, we let you bring any cloud account you want. We're adding support for new providers all the time.

Your favourite services

We're all about giving you freedom of choice when it comes to services you want to use. You pick what you want for cloud provider, DB, caching, and everything else.

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We support all your favourites
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Customize to get it perfect

The frameworks you love

Whatever frameworks you want to use are fine by us. We don't limit what you can work with. And we're adding support for different frameworks all the time.

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Click to pick your framework
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We'll containerize the app, no problem
Free trial

Try OpsMaru for free

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It takes minutes to build platforms

OpsMaru works as fast as you can click, plus a few minutes for some code to run. Most of your time will be spent making a cup of coffee while processes run.

Our blog


Our latest blog posts on the industry, expansions to OpsMaru, tips and tricks and more.

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