Save money

Get cloud provider savings but keep the PaaS UX

We don't sell cloud hosting. Instead, we help you use cloud providers directly, building no-code platforms on the infrastructure you choose at the price point you want.

Cloud provider VMs are 46.8% cheaper

After serverless, VMs are probably the single highest cost in a cloud configuration. When you can set up your infrastructure using a cloud provider directly, you can cut your VM bill in half, on average.

PaaS is 208.5% more expensive

Whether you're looking at VMs, serverless, block or object storage, managed Redis or PostgreSQL or any other kind of cloud cost – PaaS providers charge 208.5% more on average for the same services.

Up to $600 in monthly savings

Using a cloud provider for a large VM setup would save you $368.56 on average over a PaaS. That average savings jumps to $610.18 for a serverless setup. (Data from

Build your own platforms on any infrastructure you want in 10 minutes.


Choose the right plan for you

We like to keep our pricing simple.

Free Trial


A free trial that covers our whole product

What’s included?

An all-inclusive free trial of OpsMaru

Full access to Opsmaru
All components, features and services in the Everybody Plan
Up to 10 Deployments or 1-month usage, whichever comes first
Standard support via Discord



The Everybody Annual Plan includes everything you'll need.

What’s included?

The Everybody Annual Plan includes everything, with standard support.

Unlimited platforms with the full range of components and services
Unlimited applications for each platform you build
Free choice of your own cloud infrastructure provider/s
Standard support via Discord

Enterprise Support

From $1,499

Contact us to add a bespoke support plan for your business

What’s included?

Need enterprise-level support?

Everything in the Everybody Plan
Custom support SLA
Custom uptime guarantee
Optional: On-location support plan

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us about any other questions you might have.

How do you say OpsMaru?

It's Ops-mah-roo. Like Kobayashi Maru. We also dislike no-win situations.

What is OpsMaru?

OpsMaru is a 3-step tool for building deployment platforms, plural. You use the platform/s you build to deploy your web apps.

How does OpsMaru work?

You click through OpsMaru's wizard to pick what kind of components you want to use in your infrastructure setup, and then you put in credentials so OpsMaru can connect all the parts for you and build your platform. In the final step, you can deploy your app/s on that newly created infra platform.

Is OpsMaru really no-code?

Yes, OpsMaru does not require you to write any code at all. Where code is needed to run a connecting step, OpsMaru generates it.

And we're working on a feature in 2024 that will turn that step of using OpsMaru's generated code into a button-click.

How fast is OpsMaru?

OpsMaru can build platforms and deploy apps as fast as you can click through your choices.

The only thing that slows it down from seconds to minutes is waiting for (1) the code that connects platform components to finish running and (2) infrastructure (like AWS) to spin up.

How flexible is OpsMaru?

You can deploy web applications built with virtually any tech stack to any cloud you like. We're adding support for additional services, frameworks and providers all the time.

OpsMaru allows completely open combinations of tech stacks and infrastructure components, so you don't have to stay in the walled gardens of cloud providers or PaaS's.

Who is OpsMaru for?

1. Devs looking for a no-code DevOps solution so they can get back to building and shipping
2. Businesses who want an uncomplicated off-the-shelf DevOps solution without enterprise lock-in
3. Builders who want more choices and freedom in infra management
4. Teams looking for Docker or Kubernetes alternatives
5. Anyone looking for an easy cloud migration solution
6. Operators who want to be in charge of all the extra infra details but also want to have a painless experience and push a few buttons to create the platform, package and deploy

What problem does OpsMaru solve?

OpsMaru replaces PaaS’s, ClickOps and Internal Developer Platforms. It's a simple way to handle DevOps.

Do you offer discounts?

We don't offer discounts, but our free trial includes 10 deployments or 1 month free, whichever happens first.

Does OpsMaru offer a free trial?

Yes! We have a free trial that ends after 10 deployments or 1 month, whichever comes first. The free trial has no blocked features, so you can use any services, providers, applications, etc. however much you want.

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