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Lite vs Pro

Uplink comes in 2 modes: Lite and Pro. Here we take a look at the difference.


When you set up your cluster, you will be set up with the lite version of Uplink. This enables easy provisioning and will run the uplink-caddy router on a single node on your cluster. It doesn’t use an external database (it has it’s own internal postgresql instance).


The pro version of Uplink requires an external postgresql database. It can also run in more than a single node on your cluster. This means the pro version provides redundancy for uplink-caddy which serves traffic to your apps.

Future Plans

Given that Uplink pro is backed by an external database this opens up many possibilities for what we can achieve.

  • Vault - Vault will let enterprise users avoid storing any secrets on OpsMaru cloud. With vault enabled on their cluster through Uplink pro, secret management becomes completely isolated to the customer’s infrastructure. OpsMaru only serves as the front-end for adding / updating secrets and users have the option of ‘flushing’ secrets from OpsMaru, leaving the data only on their internal vault / infrastructure.