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SSH Keys

This guide shows you how to import your ssh key into your digitalocean account.

Let’s begin by browsing to the Settings page of your digitalocean console. Once on the settings page look on the sidebar you’ll see the Security section.

Key pairs

Click on the Add SSH key button.

add SSH key

Create SSH Key

You’ll see an Add SSH key form. Copy the ssh key from your terminal into the Public Key field.

add SSH key form

You can get the public key content from your terminal by running

Terminal window
cat ~/.ssh/

If you are using ed25519 keys, you can run

Terminal window
cat ~/.ssh/

Give the key a name and click Add SSH key.

Referencing SSH Key

In your digitalocean ssh keys listing you will see the fingerprint.

ssh key list with fingerprint

When you want to reference a given ssh key you will need to copy the fingerprint to add in your blueprint.

reference digitalocean ssh key in opsmaru