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Accessing your cluster

OpsMaru will provision your infrastructure with a bastion node and a LXD cluster. You have a few options when connecting to your cluster.

SSH to the bastion node

If you want to ssh into your bastion, you need to make sure that in your configuration you’ve set the proper ssh_keys property.

add SSH key form

If you’ve added ssh_keys to the compute block, you will be able to connect using ssh

ssh ubuntu@your-bastion-public-ip

Jumping to the internal node

Your bastion doesn’t run your application all it does is give you access to the internal cluster that’s running your apps. You will need to jump to your internal node from your bastion using the private ip.

ssh ubuntu@node-private-ip

LXC Console

Once you’re in your internal node you can query your cluster and run commands using the lxc tool. Try running:

Terminal window
lxc list --all-projects

You will see a list of containers running inside your cluster. Each of the containers run your application.

LXC Remote

Jumping into your internal node can be quite cumbersome, most of the time you just need access to your LXD cluster and would prefer to use the lxc command. You can install lxc client locally on your mac using

Terminal window
brew install lxc

You can add your cluster as a remote on your local computer.

Trust Token

You will need to trust the certificate that’s generated by LXD on your node. Make sure you are running this on your bootstrap-node and not bastion node.

Terminal window
lxc config trust add --name your-name

LXD will genrate a one time use trust token that you can use on your local machine.

Now from your local machine run

Terminal window
lxc remote add cluster-name bootstrap-node-public-ip

It will ask you to confirm the fingerprint and ask you for the trust token. Copy and paste the trust token in to the prompt.

Now when you run lxc remote list you should see the cluster.

Switching remotes

You can switch to managing your cluster by running lxc remote switch name-of-your-cluster. To test that everything is working run

Terminal window
lxc list --all-projects