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Upgrade from v7

If you are still using v7 of PAKman, we recommend you upgrade to v8. Here are some benefits provided by v8

New Features

Here are some benefits of upgrading to v8.

Improved Build Times

v8 has improved build times by 25%. We utilize caching that can help reduce some repeated steps. PAKman v8 is also much slimmer than v7

pakman action cache

Better Resumability

In v7 the build / deploy happens in a single step. Which means if the deploy fails for whatever reason the app also has to be rebuilt. In v8 we split the build into 2 steps which means if the deploy step fails, we can resume and use the built artifact.

deployment action

Improved Configuration

With v7 we had to build a release for every version of alpine. This is because in v7 we had to use docker ad the underlying container for running alpine. In v8 we switched to the setup-alpine action which means users can choose which version of alpine to use by setting the with option.

- name: Setup Pakman
uses: upmaru/pakman@v8
alpine: v3.19

This also means we need to build 1 release of PAKman. Which is a quality of life improvement for the maintainers of PAKman

Automatically Patched

When you reference the pakman action you are now using upmaru/pakman@v8. The v8 tag can be updated by us the maintainers of PAKman. This means when we do a patch / update PAKman with new releases, you receive the update automatically without having to do any work. This ensure we can provide you the best when it comes to keeping your build system up-to-date and secure.

Deprecation of v7

We are now deprecating v7. While v7 will continue to work, we will no longer be patching / updating v7. Any new features / support will only be on v8 moving forward.