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To provision your aws resources you’ll need to generate some credentials to put into your terraform configuration.

Head over to the IAM dashboard in AWS. Click on the Users link on the sidebar.


Create User

Click on the Create user button.

Create user

This will bring you to a form, type in a User name, and proceed to the next screen.

Attach Policy

Attach user policy

Click on the Attach policies directly option. Then search for Admin then select the AdministratorAccess and scroll down at hit Next.

Create Credential

Next browse to the page of the user you just created. Click on the Create access key.

User detail

You’ll be ask to choose your use case, for our case choose Other.

User detail

Give your access key a description and click Create access key.

User detail

You’ll be presented with your Access key ID and Secret access key. Copy these values and store them somewhere safe.

Further Detail

We have a video showing you how to store your credentials inside terraform cloud.