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Build cloud-agnostic deployment platforms without coding

OpsMaru works with any mix of frameworks, infrastructure, and cloud providers. Deploy your app to any cloud. No coding, no vendor lock-in.

Use OpsMaru to build no-code platforms that are cloud agnostic

The self-configuring build engine packages and deploys your apps.

The code engine writes code to provision your infrastructure.

OpsMaru is a 3-step tool for building deployment platforms, plural. You use the platforms you build to deploy your web apps.

Use Your Favorite Services and Providers
Why Opsmaru?

No-code infrastructure platforms

Combine services and providers to suit your needs and build a custom platform to your spec. Build a working infrastructure setup without a DevOps team, without consultants, and without cloud provider lock-in.

PaaS providers charge 208% more on average than direct cloud providers

Save 51.5% on cloud costs

Save $$$ with direct cloud provider prices

On average, using a PaaS instead of using a direct cloud provider will cost you 208.5% more for VMs, load balancers, storage, etc.

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Use your own PaaS instead of paying double for someone else's

We don't resell cloud hosting. Instead, we help you build your own platforms with whichever cloud providers you want to use. You control the price you buy at, not your PaaS provider.

Build an app deployment platform in 9 minutes

Wire up new platforms by merging

OpsMaru will create a repo with the code to provision infrastructure. Push changes from inside your repo like you normally would.

Click through deploy

Inside your custom platform on OpsMaru, deploy your apps with one click after you finish setting up your platform.

Build an application deployment platform in 9 minutes
OpsMaru generates terraform code for you so you don't have to learn Terraform

Generate Terraform code

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A code engine for Terraform

OpsMaru will automatically produce all the Terraform code you need to provision your infrastructure. Support for OpenTofu is on its way as well as a single-button option to run the code from inside OpsMaru.

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Use any Terraform runner

OpsMaru is not opinionated about which Terraform runner you should use. You can use Terraform Cloud, Env0, Sclar, Digger, and more.


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Simplified multi cloud

Do you run your apps on multiple clouds, like staging on Digital Ocean and production on AWS for compliance reasons? Set up multi cloud with as many platforms and providers as you want.

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Fast cloud migration

There's no lock-in forcing you to use specific services, providers or combinations. You choose what you want for each platform that you build with OpsMaru. To switch, build a new platform with the new provider.

OpsMaru is cloud-agnostic so you can use any cloud provider you want

Build platforms with  your favorite services

Our goal is to support over 2,400 combinations of services and providers in 2024.

Our public roadmap
Step By Step

5-minute demo

Build platforms by clicking to connect your code and services. You retain total control. OpsMaru does not access your code or your cloud accounts.

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1. Build your infra platform

In this step, you'll choose a cloud provider where you have an account and the different components you want to use like compute, database and caching. You'll also run some code OpsMaru generates for you in order to connect it all up.

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2. Prep your application

Next, you'll connect your app and choose a build pack that matches your framework. The app will be configured now. You can connect as many apps to this platform – and your other OpsMaru platforms – as you like.

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3. Deploy your app

In the final step, you'll choose which of your connected app repos you'd like to deploy on the platform you built in step 1. As you click through, OpsMaru takes care of containerization before deploying the app.

You don't have to be an expert in the cloud to win at DevOps.

Are you ready for something better? 

So are we. That's why we made a platform builder with a no-code UI and freedom of choice for cloud and services.

More features

Any stack, no-code, no limits

Self-configuring code engines

Click through choices of frameworks, services and infrastructure. OpsMaru generates custom code for your platforms and projects that you'll review in a new GitHub repo.

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No limitations on frameworks or components

Free choice of service and infrastructure providers for each platform you build. No more vendor lock-in or external constraints on design and architecture choices. We're adding support for additional frameworks, services and providers all the time.

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Update, delete and swap your platform components

Edit platform blueprints you've already built and even constructed platforms you're running already. Remove and replace components, all without code. Confirm changes by updating your repo and re-running the code that connects components.

No Kubernetes, No Docker

OpsMaru doesn’t use Kubernetes or Docker, so you don’t have to either. No Kubernetes means no mushrooming Kubernetes setup or costs.


Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us about any other questions you might have.

How do you say OpsMaru?

It's Ops-mah-roo. Like Kobayashi Maru. We also dislike no-win situations.

What is OpsMaru?

OpsMaru is a 3-step tool for building deployment platforms, plural. You use the platform/s you build to deploy your web apps.

How does OpsMaru work?

You click through OpsMaru's wizard to pick what kind of components you want to use in your infrastructure setup, and then you put in credentials so OpsMaru can connect all the parts for you and build your platform. In the final step, you can deploy your app/s on that newly created infra platform.

Is OpsMaru really no-code?

Yes, OpsMaru does not require you to write any code at all. Where code is needed to run a connecting step, OpsMaru generates it.

And we're working on a feature in 2024 that will turn that step of using OpsMaru's generated code into a button-click.

How fast is OpsMaru?

OpsMaru can build platforms and deploy apps as fast as you can click through your choices.

The only thing that slows it down from seconds to minutes is waiting for (1) the code that connects platform components to finish running and (2) infrastructure (like AWS) to spin up.

How flexible is OpsMaru?

You can deploy web applications built with virtually any tech stack to any cloud you like. We're adding support for additional services, frameworks and providers all the time.

OpsMaru allows completely open combinations of tech stacks and infrastructure components, so you don't have to stay in the walled gardens of cloud providers or PaaS's.

Who is OpsMaru for?

1. Devs looking for a no-code DevOps solution so they can get back to building and shipping
2. Businesses who want an uncomplicated off-the-shelf DevOps solution without enterprise lock-in
3. Builders who want more choices and freedom in infra management
4. Teams looking for Docker or Kubernetes alternatives
5. Anyone looking for an easy cloud migration solution
6. Operators who want to be in charge of all the extra infra details but also want to have a painless experience and push a few buttons to create the platform, package and deploy

What problem does OpsMaru solve?

OpsMaru replaces PaaS’s, ClickOps and Internal Developer Platforms. It's a simple way to handle DevOps.

Do you offer discounts?

We don't offer discounts, but our free trial includes 10 deployments or 1 month free, whichever happens first.

Does OpsMaru offer a free trial?

Yes! We have a free trial that ends after 10 deployments or 1 month, whichever comes first. The free trial has no blocked features, so you can use any services, providers, applications, etc. however much you want.

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